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Real Estate Flipping: Paint Colors, How to Pick the Perfect One?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Prolly, one of the most exciting parts of flipping houses is choosing which paint color will best suit the property you are currently dressing up. Colors will either make or break the sale of your home, so apparently, it's ironic how picking up colors can be concurrently exciting and tricky.

Renovating a house sounds cool not until you dig deeper and dwell into the long list of details tailored to the rule of 80/20. If you think that getting a flip house painted is simple, don't get me wrong, but no. It's not. Aesthetic-wise, playing with colors is the critical stage of flipping houses.

What to consider in choosing the right paint color?

It is no longer your perspective but the market's preferences that matter. Thus in choosing the right paint color for your flip property, what the public would prefer must be highly considered. Why is this so? The 80/20 rule plays a big part in this phase. You wouldn't want to turn off your market and miss the 80% selling opportunity just because you pick the wrong paint color, right? So, don't settle for the 20%; aim at your target -- 80.

Interior Paint Colors

You wouldn't want to make your flip property look stuffy and cramped with dark paint colors, thus, before applying light colors, masking dark colors with one to two coats of primer won't overpower the topcoat.

However, some would opt for a lighter

shade; either white or cream, combination of both, or other light colors. If you are a flipper, I bet you’ll go with whites.

Exterior Paint Colors

With flipping houses, the goal is to attract more buyers, but how will you be able to do that? Serve your market with good plating of colors: accent, trim, siding. Exterior paint colors on one hand, vary depending on the property theme. Earth tones, bright colors, dark neutral colors, light neutral colors; either of which will do. But with flippers, homes sell faster with neutral colors.

According to Forbes on the "Paint And Color Trends For 2021", quarantine has played a significant role in homeowners' color choices as staying at home for a year now strongly affected their preferences. The survey results of 68 interior design experts released on the 4th of February show that the top choice of colors for house interiors came in three: neutrals with pops of bold color (54%), warm neutrals (50%), and earth tones (46%). For exterior paints, white has been one of the most popular shades.


While most homeowners paint their houses with a pop of bright or dark colors, flippers opt for neutral colors because it attracts more buyers and sells homes faster. Additionally, it’s easier to pull up the sheets with neutral colors, for one, choosing the perfect furniture, fixture, and tiles is easy-breezy since the paint color plays a huge role in picking such.

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