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Real Estate Flipping: Designs and Styles, Why Do They Matter?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

As cliché as it may sound, but it indeed takes two to tango. In real estate vocabulary, as flipping houses is concerned, it takes a developer and a designer to restore flip property's old soul. Although, in reality, they will not always agree. But don’t get me wrong, they’ll still come up with better results, together.

Why do designs and styles matter?

On our previous blog, we discussed paint colors as part of property aesthetics; likewise, how they will determine the sale of your home. This time, we will bat around designs and styles by and large and how failure to meet the market needs will affect ROI.

Situationally, there are instances why flippers don't sell homes fast. Little do they know, instead of producing what the market wants, they will design and style their flip property based on their personal preferences. Imagine a community of modern single-family houses where your flip property is sitting. Do you think a Mediterranean-inspired will make your property stand out? Is adding more rooms worthwhile? Do you expect spacious dining, a pool, or added deck will make your property sell faster than its neighboring houses? It may sound exaggerated, but talking about perspectives, as an investor, you have to focus on what the market wants as designs and styles are concerned. It is an investment. And yes, you want what's best for your buyers; you want your property to stand out, but going overboard won't guarantee you sales. Remember, ignorance of your market needs is a foundering investment.

How to make designs and styles work for your flip property?

Part of giving your property a facelift is good planning with your team. How will you know that

the design and style suit your property? Earlier,

we took a peek at the perspectives of buyers and investors. This time, we'll play along with planning and execution. If you want to add more value to your investment, considering factors includes but is not limited to cost-effective yet wise decisions. How does this determine the sale of your home? Proper planning and execution is the secret ingredient in producing a well designed and styled property as it highlights your knowledge of the community you are dealing with, the neighborhood, even the sale of the neighboring houses (if there is any). You are not entirely copying your neighboring houses’ style and design, you are weighing down how your property will stand out without going beyond what the community needs instead. It sounds a little odd that you’ll have to chew over the community’s design and style palette, but this will practically help you attract more buyers. Positioning your flip property to the hood’s taste buds will get you optimum ROI.


Meanwhile, whether you are an investor or a homeowner, putting an eye on designs and styles matters. It serves as your property’s core value. As an investor who wants to maximize ROI, and as a homeowner who will eventually plan on selling your property, you can never go wrong with a good design and style that is not just patterned on your preferences, but the future buyers'.

Get to know more about property aesthetics on our next blogs! Also, our new video about the Developer vs. the Designer is now up on our Youtube channel. Watch and see how two worlds unite as they build an empire. More updates on our socials!


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