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Real Estate Flipping: How to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

How would you describe a pint-sized room? Cramped space, confining, crowded, uncomfortable... boring? A small space, to some, might not always work. They would preferably go for a bigger one. However, there will always be a percentage who'll opt to have a smaller space. Which one are you? Since our topic highly focuses on small spaces, why don't we bat around the latter one?

There are times when we think that there's something special with small spaces. We often think it is because we get to feel how a low square footage room can be so dramatically cozy, safe, private, and serene. A more confined area, in all honesty, is easier to maintain as compared to the bigger ones.

How to maximize small room space?

Having a compact space is challenging, especially if you have a lot of stuff you want to fit in. You don't just play around with storage or furniture arrangements, but you really have to stretch out every corner of your room --- no doubt, you'll be bowled over by the result! So, how will you be able to maximize space without getting rid of all your stuff or simply making your room feel claustrophobic?

Let's discuss a few of the many ways to make your small space look bigger.

5 Easy Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

Use of light, soft tones, neutral colors

To achieve a cozy and spacious look despite the lack of space literally, playing with these hues will emphasize cool, calm, serene, and uplifting energy you wouldn't want to deprive your personal space with. Taking advantage of these colors will make your room look and feel bigger as light colors are more reflective giving your space a palatial illusion as it feels more open and airy.

Apart from investing in solid-colored paints, accent walls are another way out. If you want to add a little drama and spice, accent walls will never fail you.

Let the lights in

2. Let the lights in

One of the several factors why a room tends to look swarmed is due to poor lighting. A well-lit room, either by natural or artificial lighting, will instantly open up space connecting bridges to and from the outdoors. If you are not a fan of natural lights coming through your large windows, you can use a sheer window covering so the light passing through is layered and not striking.

Use mirrors

3. Use mirrors

If you want to create an illusion of a larger and more open space, using mirrors is one of the smartest and effective ways to do that. Mirrors help you achieve the illusion of depth as they do not just reflect both natural and artificial light, but they emphasize the focal point by seamlessly shaping larger room space. Either these mirrors are wall-mounted or not, it doesn't matter. Either you utilize and invest in built-in furniture mirrors, mirrored cabinet doors, lucite chairs, glass tables, etc., if they fit your personality and style, go for it. Mirrors create a greater sense of sanity and openness, not just for yourself but your personal space as well ---- your room.

Clear pathways

4. Clear pathways

More stuff, less space ----- having small rooms keeps you grounded, and naturally, you would either push all the pieces to the edges or position them somewhere along the pathways. Since your room lacks space, you wouldn't mind bumping into your stuff. However, this practice will make your room feel confining and crowded. To avoid compressing everything in one place where people pass through, set storage on the other side of your room, doing this will not just make space for everyone but will also make your room look spick and span.

Maximize space and utilize hidden storage

5. Maximize space and utilize hidden storage

You may think that having a small space will never gonna work in all ways. Well, believe it or not, a small space gives you hidden treasures you never know about --- hidden storage.

You might think that a headboard can only be attached to your bed frame but, little do you know, you can maximize wall space and make it your headboard instead. You can install shelves that will serve as additional storage for your books, photo albums, and some random things you have. It will surprisingly spice up your room design.

No more storage but, you have stairs? Got no problem! Use the space underneath and install shelves! You can also maximize the remaining space on the sides to put up pieces like miniature collections, plants, and other cute but valuable stuff you have.

You want to have more storage in your kitchen and maximize every space? You can do that smoothly. You can have as many cupboards as you want without making your kitchen space compacted.


There are tons of ways to make your room look bigger, cozy, and even luxurious. You can come up with your own ways, discover them yourself; whatever works for you. If you are concern with storage, small room space won't directly offer you that. You might think you won't be able to keep everything that you have, or you'll end up squeezing them in a cramped storage but, no. You will never run out of storage despite the lack of space, in all honesty. You only have to maximize all your resources, explore, and be creative.

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